Hi tumblr.

I have seriously met like one other goblinkin in my whole time on the internet. I consider goblins (at least my kind) to be a type of fae, fyi. 

I also identify as some kind of water spirit or elemental (I’ve just been using Undine) though I’ve been trying to figure out how that fits in with the whole goblin thing for years. 

Anyway…any other goblinkin around? (Or watery things… naiads, mermaids, selkies, etc.) And I always love to meet other fae.

Just curious.  

Hey there, I’m a nix.  Shapeshifting water-dwelling fae.  Nice to meet you!

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Anonymous writes,

Your page says you're a water dwelling shapeshifting fae. I've recently realized that I'm not human, probably fae, but I never realized there were so many different kinds of fae. How do I figure out what exactly I am?

(sorry it’s taken so long for me to answer this, I’ve been sorely neglecting this blog)

Hooooo boy, you’re at the real fun part of this, aren’t you? XD

A good place to start might be to think about what kind of environments you prefer, where you feel most “at home”, or most “like yourself”.  What kind of setting appeals to you the most?  Daydreaming is your friend, here; people dismiss daydreams as idle fantasies, but they can have a great deal of meaning, especially for us fae, I’ve found.

Is there a particular element you feel a tie to?  (That may not have anything to do with your kin identity at all—I have a particularly strong tie to fire, not water, but that’s more of a spiritual, emotional thing than it is an ID thing.)

If you have vivid dreams, you could start writing those down and keeping them in mind while you research.  A lot of ‘kin dream about their natural habitats—I don’t, personally, but that might give you some ideas on where to start.

I thought I had some websites bookmarked, but I apparently don’t.  Wikipedia does have a list of mythical creatures organized by associations, though, which might give you some ideas.

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Anonymous writes,

are you romantically involved with an elf, and you are fae? :)

Yes indeed!  My squishy is a genderqueer elf (ze’s been elf-identified longer than genderqueer, ze was elven when I met zir XD).  I only recently started identifying as fae, late last year.

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I have 99 problems

Being real isn’t one of them

I’ve got to log on more.  I am so, so sad that I missed these shenanigans.

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Reblog if you will answer asks about your therianthropy/otherkin identity.

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I promise I’m still here

Meatspace has been pretty dumb lately so I’ve been hanging out on my main where it’s all shiny fandom things and other useful distractions.

Anyway.  I’m on for now, so.

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digs a hole

burrows underground

stays there forever


dives to the bottom

hangs with the anglerfish

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H. R. Giger’s artwork appreciation post

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oh sweet gods

there is a jake english fictive on kinspeak





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sweet theme, bro.